Jul 27, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017

Dissolution of the Association

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Dissolution of the Association

Jul 27, 2017 - Jul 27, 2017

Dissolution became effective on 31.07.2017

During the General Meeting on 27 July 2017 the members agreed to the dissolution of EAPB. The dissolution became effective on 31.07.2017.


EAPB’s General Meeting for the dissolution of the Association

Dear EAPB Member,

With an earlier letter we had informed you that the intended dissolution of EAPB per 31 December 2016 had been refused by the registration court based on their very conservative interpretation of EAPB’s Statutes. On 8 March 2017 we had invited you on time to a General Meeting scheduled for 23 May 2017 with the purpose to decide on the dissolution of the association.

This General Meeting has taken place but the quorum of a three-quarters majority of all full members was not reached. Therefore, according to the Statutes of EAPB it was decided to convoke a second General Meeting on 27 July 2017 which then may decide on the dissolution with a three-quarters majority of all members present.


On behalf of the EAPB Executive Committee we would like to invite you to the EAPB General Meeting, which will take place on
27 July 2017 at 9.00 a.m.
BIO Deutschland – Geschaeftsstelle
Am Weidendamm 1a
10117 Berlin

The agenda items for the meeting are
1. Dissolution of the Association
2. Continuation of EAPB activities within DECHEMA Working Groups

Please note, that a decision on the two agenda items is binding if a three-quarters majority of all members present is achieved.

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance to this meeting by email until 20 July 2017. If you are unable to attend and wish to vote, please be so kind to send us a proxy until 25 July, otherwise no activities from your side are required.

Please send all email communications to the EAPB Secretariat at

Thank you and best regards

Prof. Dr. Willi Meier
Executive Director

13 December 2016

Dear Member of EAPB,
Dear Colleague,

With this letter the Board of EAPB would like to inform you about the decision for dissolution of the Association taken during the Member’s Assembly on October 17, 2016.

As announced, the Board of EAPB had proposed dissolving the association per end of this year and continuing the activities within the corresponding sections of our strong partner organization DECHEMA. The Member’s Assembly followed this proposal unanimously. Michael Kahnert and Wieland Wolf were appointed to organize and accompany the required legal steps. The minutes of the Member’s Assembly can be found on here (German version).

Looking back, our non-profit association was founded in the millennium Year 2000 with the ambitious goal to promoting research and development in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology in Europe to the benefit of human health and well-being. The intention was to achieve this goal by fostering interactions between academia, (bio-)pharma companies, and regulatory bodies in order to support creativity, foster innovations and facilitate the commercialization of scientific findings. In this context a series of conferences, workshops and webinars were held. Special interest groups dealt with topics of importance for our members. While the feedback of participants was throughout positive, the material means of EAPB, based on membership and participation fees, were not sufficient to create the critical mass for establishing a pan-European presence.

In 2014 DECHEMA became EAPB’s partner for managing the daily business of the association. In the following period we at EAPB realized, that there were many common goals and our activities could be transferred easily into DECHEMA creating new synergies within a strong organization. At the end this positive perspective and the tight financial situation led us to our proposal to dissolve EAPB and integrate our activities into DECHEMA.

As a consequence of the dissolution your membership obligations towards EAPB will end per December 31st, 2016. In case you are not a member yet we would warmly recommend joining DECHEMA or the Vereinigung Deutscher Biotechnologie-Unternehmen VBU, where activities and initiatives in our field could be continued.

DECHEMA is the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society DECHEMA represents these fields in science, industry, politics and the general public. VBU is a federation of companies and institutions within DECHEMA active in the fields of biotechnology and related sectors, such as pharmaceutical technology, diagnostics, medical and laboratory technology. VBU is the active interface between companies, scientific research institutions and networks, providing a platform for cooperation, communication and information. More information about DECHEMA and VBU can be found on the website: and

Last but not least we would like to thank you for your longstanding membership, your contributions, and your trust into our association.

We wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas season and hope to see you again, perhaps at a DECHEMA event or as member of a DECHEMA section.

With best regards

Dr. Wieland Wolf     Dr. Axel Wenzel     Dr. Jörg Knäblein     Dr. Jürgen Walkenhorst
President                  Vice-President     Treasurer                   Scientific Secretary